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Motorizing kits for Peco™ 00, 0n30, N Gauge and H0m Turntables

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Motorizing a model railway turntable can be a challenge. There have been many attempts using many motorizing kits. Each kit has its problems of speed, fluent movement, noise, slack in components, torsion, twist and evenness. Motorizing the turntable requires understanding of where all the loads are bearing and how to balance loads so as to reduce twist and torsion. The crucial factor is the gearbox. We supply all metal gearboxes with a 12 Volt motor, preassembled as a unit, operating at maximum speeds of either 2 rpm or 3.5 rpm and 'whisper' quiet. The motor is suspended from its gearbox shaft co-axial with the centre of the turntable bridge. The idea originated with the motor/gearbox mounting of the Southern Railway 4-COR Portsmouth EMUs, the "Nelsons".

There are no forces, other than torsional, hence the side forces which bedevil other designs are eliminated. The weight of the motor is all the weight necessary for the bridge to sit firmly in the well. The motor is held in place by the motor coupling sleeve. No other support is necessary. The brass bracket is purely to restrain the motor itself from turning. They are designed to be very easy to install. If turntable is already fitted into the layout it is still possible to mount the motor from the underside of the baseboard.

We are indebted to the Gold Coast Model Railway Club for photographs of the OO kit installed on their splendid layout and for some of the above description. More information can be found at:

Our kits can be fitted to the whole range of the Peco ™ turntable kits or to the South Eastern Finecast turntables. We can also supply motorizing kits to fit other types of turntables including scratch built turntables. The only requirement is that the design incorporates a shaft that projects down from the centre of the bridge to below the turntable well and directly drives the bridge. We can supply custom made couplings to fit plain shafts from 1/8" to 1/4" or from 3mm to 6mm as long as we have the appropriate reamer in stock and, given that we have a well equipped workshop, we usually do. We can also supply couplings to fit threaded shafts from 8BA up to 0BA or from M2.5 up to M6. We may also be able to supply couplings to fit threaded shafts in other thread forms up to 1/4". Please send us your specific requirements using our enquiry page and we will advise if we can meet them. There is normally no extra charge for custom made couplings as they are usually no more difficult to make than our standard couplings.

The Peco ™ turntable kits can be obtained form all good model shops or from a mail order supplier such as Gaugemaster ™ at:

The South Eastern Finecast turntable kits can be obtained from

bullet point The kits are assembled in England by Locomotech.
They are designed to be very easy to install.
bullet point There two types of gearbox: Standard and Deluxe versions. The deluxe version runs at a slower speed. The Standard version is more affordable because it has a simpler gearbox. The Deluxe version would be suitable for club or exhibition layouts where extensive use is expected whereas the standard version is quite suitable for home layouts. All gearboxes have all metal gears.
bullet point A DC controller is required to operate the turntable or a DCC chip can be used.

Automatic Indexing:

We are pleased to announce that we now offer an automatic indexing kit.

This operates by selecting the required direction of rotation and then pressing a start button. The turntable then rotates to the next exit road where it stops automatically. If further rotation is desired the start button can be held down until the deck is approaching the desired road and then released and it will then stop automatically at the next road.

The mechanism uses a disc cut with slots and a photocell which sends a small light beam through the slots thus stopping the motor at the desired point. The disc is precut to stop either end of the deck at five stations at 11¼ º. This angle is chosen to allow Peco ™
Set-Track to be used to produce parallel roads to an engine shed.

The required direction of rotation is selected with a slide switch mounted on your own control panel. The start button would also be on your control panel. The control panel can be any reasonable distance from the turntable itself and can be the one used for your main controllers.

Automatic Indexing requires a 16V A.C. supply, as found on most transformers, instead of the normal DC supply required by the basic kits.

These kits are available to upgrade the TTMKA, TTMKC and TTMKE kits. i.e. motorized Peco ™ OO or On30 turntables or as a complete turntable motorizing kit including automatic indexing for the Peco ™ OO or On30 turntables.

Existing customers wishing to upgrade should contact us directly by email at so that we can be sure of sending them the correct kit to match the motorizing kit that they already have.

Scale Peco Turntable Kit Part Number Standard
Motorizing Kit
without indexing
Motorizing Kit
without indexing
Automatic indexing Motorizing Kit with 10 exits Roundhouse automatic indexing Motorizing Kit with 32 exits
N NB55 TTMKD TTMKF n/a n/a
HOm LK-1455 TTMKD TTMKF n/a n/a
Price £27.99 £34.99 £64.99 £67.99

Please note that TTMKE and TTMKF functionally replace our earlier kits, TTMKA and TTMKB.
The functional specifications are identical but the motor/gearbox unit is supplied by a different manufacturer.

South Eastern Finecast
Turntable Diameter.
Locomotech Standard
Motorizing Kit Part No.
Locomotech Deluxe
Motorizing Kit Part No.
Price £27.99 £34.99
We offer the following upgrade for automatic indexing:
Scale Peco
Part No.
Locomotech Part No.for
Automatic Indexing upgrade
for Deluxe Mk 1
Turntables (TTMKA)
Locomotech Part No.for
Automatic Indexing upgrade
for Standard
Turntables (TTMKC)
Locomotech Part No.for
Automatic Indexing upgrade
for Deluxe Mk 2
Turntables (TTMKE)
Price £34.99 £34.99 £34.99

The kit may be obtained from Locomotech

Tel: 01903 871149

Or ordered from this web site via our order online page.

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Peco Turntable Motorising Unit

Locomotech Motorising Kit for Peco NB-55 and LK-1455 Turntables linking to Review Article

Locomotech Motorising Kit for Peco NB-55 and LK-1455 Turntables

Peco Turntable Motorising Unit linking to Review Article

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