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Turntable Kits:

Our turntable kits can be purchased directly from this website using your Debit/Credit Card or with PayPal.

bullet point Designed to fit all Peco ™ turntable and South Eastern Finecast turntables
bullet point For the Peco product, there is a choice of OO gauge or N gauge
bullet point For Peco ™ O-16.5/On30 turntables choose the OO option. TTMKC and TTMKE both fit Peco™ turntable models LK-55 and LK-555.
bullet point For Peco ™ HOm turntables chose the N gauge option, TTMKD and TTMKF fit both Peco ™ turntable models NB-55 and LK-1455.
bullet point Standard or Deluxe - The Standard kit is our budget priced kit which turns at a maximum speed of 3.5 rpm but for customers looking for a more realistic rotation speed we offer the Deluxe kit which turns at 2 rpm. Both kits can be regulated to turn slower using normal train controller or a DCC chip but the Deluxe offers a smoother and easier line up on the exit roads. Both kits use a high quality all-metal gearbox which make no more noise than a loco. The Deluxe gearbox is more complex.
bullet point For the Peco ™ OO and On30 product, there is a choice of with or without Automatic Indexing
Automatic Indexing does not require a controller or a DCC chip, just a 16V A.C. supply.
bullet point Standard kits are £27.99 each and the duluxe version is £34.99 (plus post and packaging)
bullet point Standard kits with Automatic Indexing are £57.99 each and the Deluxe version with Automatic Indexing is £64.99 (plus post and packaging)
Kit Matrix Standard Deluxe
Motorizing kit Without Indexing TTMKC TTMKE
Automatic Indexing Motorizing kit
with 10 exits
Automatic Roundhouse Motorizing kit
with 32 exits
PECO - N gauge Motorizing kit TTMKD TTMKF
South Eastern Finecast 12” (large) Motorizing kit TTMKJ TTMKK
South Eastern Finecast 10 1/4"(small) Motorizing kit TTMKG TTMKH

Existing customers – please contact us before ordering an upgrade so that we can ensure that we will be sending you the correct kit

For Deluxe Mk 1 (TTMKA) For Deluxe Mk 2 (TTMKE)
Or Standard (TTMKC)
Automatic Indexing upgrade kit for existing turntables TTXKA TTXKC
Postage Costs (Please note the maximum number of kits you can order on this page is 5,
for quantities greater than 5 please contact us for quantity discounts and postage)
No. of Kits U.K. Europe Worldwide
1 £3.10 £11.15 £14.15
2 £3.10 £12.20 £16.90
3 £3.10 £14.90 £21.60
4 £3.10 £16.40 £23.70
5 £3.10 £18.30 £26.85

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